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Piano: The Romantic Fabric

Piano: The Romantic Fabric

A highly regarded audio engineer, Emory Cook (1913 - 2002) was the developer of two track or binaural sound, an early attempt at stereo recording. Piano: The Romantic Fabric is an early binaural recording featuring a solo piano recital by concert pianist Samuel Sorin playing works by Frédéric Chopin, Enrique Granados, Franz Liszt, and Alexander Scriabin. Writing in High Fidelity magazine, reviewer Ray Ericson wrote: “In its customary way, Cook has reproduced with 100% realism the sound of a piano. I am tempted to say that a piano never sounds this good in concert; it is true that concert performances on the piano are rarely heard under such advantageous circumstances, in this ideal state of maximum resonance without blur.”

Track Listing

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Chopin: Fantasie in F Minor Samuel Sorin 10:58
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Granados: The Maiden and the Nightingale Samuel Sorin 5:36
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Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody, No. 12 Samuel Sorin 9:17
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Scriabin: Nocturne for the Left Hand Alone (Op. 9, No. 2) Samuel Sorin 5:45