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Everyone Has Feelings and Other Children's Songs

Everyone Has Feelings and Other Children's Songs

Sarah Barchas performs a collection of original material for young people. In the introduction, Barchas explains the importance of songs and how they unite humanity: “…songs can add a spark of life to any moment as they seem to beckon us to respond to the song itself and to one another.” Her song to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream, “Our Black Brothers,” first appears on this recording. It also appears on her follow up, In This Our Land: Songs About America. Liner notes include background information for all tracks, followed by lyrics.

Track Listing

Everyone has Feelings Sarah Barchas 2:47
Just by Watching Sarah Barchas 2:57
All Across this Wide Wide World Sarah Barchas 2:47
Our Black Brothers Sarah Barchas 6:12
Languages we Speak Sarah Barchas 1:55
What Happened to the Dinosaurs? Sarah Barchas 2:54
Once I had two Little Rabbits Sarah Barchas 5:06
Walking in the Woods Sarah Barchas 3:56
Rattle Rattle and a Shake Shake Shake Sarah Barchas 1:51
When a big fat Hippopotamus is Yawning Sarah Barchas 4:25