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Sopanam Sangeetam

Various Artists
  Sopanam is a style of singing devotional music prevalent in Kerala. It has developed as a classical style based on the singing of the Ashtapadi of Jayadeva. The steps to the inner shrine of a Kerala temple are called Sopanam. Usually the temple musician stands at the left side of the steps, playing the edaykka and singing devotional songs for the devotees while the temple priest provides the service to the idol of the god or goddess. Because the only accompanying instrument is the drum, special importance is given to the respective beat or thalam.

Track Listing

Ashtapadi - Chandana Charchita Raghava Kurup 26:15  
Ashtapadi -Rase Harimih vihivilasam smarati Venugopal Marar 22:56