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Baddi Geet - Songs of the Baddi Community of Garhwal

Various Artists
These are songs of the Baddi, an itinerant community of performers from the Garhwal Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand. This music is performed by husband and wife duos and includes a range of contexts such as festivals, weddings and fertility rituals. The patronage for this community no longer exists thus there are now only a few families who continue to perform upon request or at state funded festivals.

Track Listing

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Mangal Geet (An Auspicious Song) Bimla Devi, Bhagirathi Devi, Bacchan Dei 03:37
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Shish Ram Saklani ka Panwara (The Heroic Ballad of Shish Ram Saklani) Bacchan Dei, Shiv Charan 08:35
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Maharaja Tehri ka Panwara (The Heroic Ballad of the Mahraja of Tehri) Shree Lal, Chakori Devi, Darshani Devi 12:41
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Yu Jamanu Kanu Aye (How have we reached this age?) Bacchan Dei, Shiv Charan 08:17
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Saruli Padhani ka Panwara (The Heroic Ballad of Saruli Padhani) Shree Lal, Chakori Devi, Darshani Devi 02:30