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Understanding and Appreciation of the Essay

Wallace House
Understanding and Appreciation of the Essay In this instructional guide to the essay, theatre professor Wallace House and the University Players explore the essay’s place in the canon of literary forms. Using narrated excerpts from a broad range of famous essays, the art of the form is illustrated and its development through history is explained. The script, written by Morris Schreiber, quotes from literary giants including Thoreau, Montaigne, Plato, Turgenev, and Orwell. An imagined meeting of publishing company staff developing an anthology of great modern essayists allows the editors to debate the merits of more recent masters of the form, including H.L. Mencken, Walter Lippmann, and Virginia Woolf. Liner notes include a complete transcript.

Track Listing

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Part 1: Art and Range of the Essay Wallace House 11:13
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Part 2: The Essay as a Literary Type Wallace House 08:09
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Part 3: How the Essay Evolved Wallace House 10:19
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Part 4: Style in the Essay Wallace House 03:43
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Part 5: Modern Masters of the Essay Wallace House 12:18
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Part 6: The Summing Up Wallace House 02:42