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Songs of a Russian Gypsy

Songs of a Russian Gypsy

In this Monitor recording, the Russian Roma chanteuse Alya Yunakovskaya (better known by her stage name, Alya Yuno) performs fourteen of her favorite Russian songs that tell of the lives of the Roma (Gypsy) people in that region. She is accompanied by Sasha Polinoff’s ensemble, which plays traditional Russian folk instruments including the balalaika and domra . Liner notes include brief information about Alya and her songs with lyrics in the original Russian.

*Content Advisory: Most Roma consider the term “Gypsy” an offensive identifier or a racial slur. Some Roma, however, have used “Gypsy” as a self-identifier and continue to do so. Roma have been a marginalized group for centuries, and the term “Gypsy” has been used in violent and racist ways. Smithsonian Folkways has chosen to leave the album as published in its original state to serve as a historical document; however, we encourage the listener to learn more about Roma history and culture, and the continued fight for Roma rights. For more information, please see these resources from the European Roma Rights Centre, the World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples, and Amnesty International.
For our policy on controversial recordings, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Track Listing

Lyotsa Pyesnya (Song of the Gypsy) Alya 02:05  
Kolyechko (The Ring) Alya 02:43  
Chto Mnye Gore (No Sorrow for Me) Alya 01:45  
Tolko Raz Byvayut V Zhizni Vstryechi (Only Once in a Lifetime) Alya 02:10  
Kak Stranno (How Strange) Alya 01:56  
Dvye Gitary (Two Guitars) Alya 02:28  
Tvoyi Glaza Zyelyonyie (Your Green Eyes) Alya 02:51  
Ekh, Dorogi (The Roads) Alya 02:39  
Svyetit Mesyats (The Moon is Shining) Alya 02:04  
Vyernis! (Come Back) Alya 02:40  
Fanariki (The Street Lamps) Alya 02:03  
Do Svidanya (Farewell) Alya 02:11  
Biryuzovyie Kolechki (The Tuquoise Rings) Alya 01:42  
Dvye Slyezinki (Two Little Tears) Alya 02:19