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Gospel Songs from Kenya: Kikamba Hymns

David Nzomo
Gospel Songs from Kenya: Kikamba Hymns Between 1965 and 1976, David Nzomo recorded six albums of songs about his native Kenya. The albums ranged from children’s songs to work and dance songs and political songs. In his final recording for Folkways, Nzomo performs eight gospel songs in Swahili, many of these adapted from traditional English church hymns but one, “Utonii na Wui (Power and Wisdom),” composed by Nzomo himself. Complete lyrics in Swahili are included in the liner notes. In 2014, Professor Nzomo was interviewed by the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

Track Listing

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Kuvoya ni Kumwon'ya Ngai #82 (Prayer is the Soul's Desire, RS 322) David Nzomo 03:33
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Utonii na Wui David Nzomo 05:25
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Yesu Klisto, Mwiaii #176 (Rock of Ages #SSS 237) David Nzomo 03:39
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Kwai Muthenya Wai Na Muyo #84 (O Happy Day, That Fixed My Choice SSS 866) David Nzomo 06:10
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Tavan'yai #172 (Send the Light RS 628) David Nzomo 04:15
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Ve Umwe Yu #152 (There is One Above RS 815) David Nzomo 05:06
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Kyathi Kya Mboya Ki Muyi #193 (Sweet Hour of Prayer RS 560) David Nzomo 05:49
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Ngingwinengane Kwa Yesu #210 (I Surender Al RS 581) David Nzomo 04:48