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Devotional Music of Assam

Various Artists
Devotional Music of Assam This is a selection of various devotional and spiritual musical traditions recorded on the island of Majuli in upper Assam. Though the traditions are not specific to Majuli and reflect Assamese traditions more generally, these recordings do represent the local versions.

Track Listing

Sankardeva Tokari Geet (Devotional music dedicated to Lord Krishna, accompanied by the tokari) Various artists 04:46  
Gayan Bayan in praise of Sankardev and Madhabdev (Singer-drummer performance of the Kamalabari Sattra) Monks of the Kamalabari Sattra of Majuli 09:47  
Gayan-bayan in Dakhinapat (Singer-drummer performance of the Dakhinpat Sattra) Monks of the Dakhinpat Sattra of Majuli 07:48  
Hiranam (Vaishnava religious song from the scriptures in the Hiranam style) Various artists 14:00  
Dihanam - Sri guru Sankardev (Vaishnava congregarional music in the Dihanam style in praise of Sankardeva) Various artists 07:52  
Dihanam in praise of Krishna (Vaishnava congregarional music in the Dihanam style in praise of Krishna) Various artists 07:59  
Ainam (Devotional song in praise of the goddess Sitala) Various artists 10:47  
Deori Mosaia (Deori mourning song) Various women of the Deori community 13:16