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Folksinger's Guitar Guide, Vol. 2: An Instruction Record

Folksinger's Guitar Guide, Vol. 2: An Instruction Record

Folksinger, guitar player, and instructor Jerry Silverman has recorded an instructional album for guitar players wishing to take their skills to the next level. This particular set of lessons is focused on playing folk music on the acoustic guitar. Silverman demonstrates each playing technique through the use of songs. For example, in the section on “Finding the Right Chord above the Third Fret—Movable Inversions and Their use,” he plays snippets of the songs “Skip to My Lou,” “Nine Pound Hammer,” and the civil rights anthem “We Shall Overcome.” Liner notes include written instructions and musical notation for the various playing styles discussed on the album.

Track Listing

Introduction Jerry Silverman 1:02
Chromatic Bass Runs Jerry Silverman 6:23
Melody and Accompaniment Jerry Silverman 4:38
Four Finger Picking Jerry Silverman 5:14
Inversions Jerry Silverman 5:43
Special Effects Jerry Silverman 4:24
Circle of Fiths Jerry Silverman 2:41
Greek Music in 7/8 Time Jerry Silverman 3:43
South of the Border Jerry Silverman 6:50