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The Flat-Picker's Guitar Guide: An Advanced Instruction Record

Jerry Silverman
The Flat-Picker's Guitar Guide: An Advanced Instruction Record Guitar player and instructor Jerry Silverman offers an intriguing instructional album with The Flat-Picker’s Guitar Guide, one of four instructional albums he produced for Folkways Records in the 1960s. He provides spoken word instruction and musical examples of various guitar strumming techniques. Among the songs performed is the artist’s arrangement of the traditional folk song “Cindy,” the Carter Family classic “Wildwood Flower,” and the traditional folk standards “In the Pines” and “I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow.” Liner notes from this 1966 recording augment the spoken word instruction with illustrated tips regarding how to hold the guitar pick and different playing techniques such as hammering-on, the church lick, and the bluegrass run.

Track Listing

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The Pick and How to Hold It Jerry Silverman 01:56
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Church Lick; Johnson Boys(4/4), I Never Will Marry (3/4) Jerry Silverman 04:20
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Hammering-on; I am a Man of Constant Sorrow (4/4) Brown Eyes (3/4) Jerry Silverman 05:07
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Church Lick with the Blues Wrinkle; Crawdad Jerry Silverman 02:13
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Typical Bluegrass Run; My Home's Across the Smoky Mountains Jerry Silverman 02:22
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Barre Chords: The Muffle; Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms Jerry Silverman 02:22
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Barre Chords; the Shuffle; Bill Bailey Jerry Silverman 01:14
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Carter Family; Wildwood Flower, Bright Shines the Moon, In the Pines Jerry Silverman 06:27
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Single String; Everyday Dirt (Doc Watson), Mountain Dew (George Shuffler), Red Rocking Chair(Charley Waller), Cindy Jerry Silverman 03:07
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Cross Picking; Jesse James Jerry Silverman 02:16
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Syncopation in the Carribean; Que Bonita Bandera, Love Alone Jerry Silverman 03:59
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Fancy Stepper - The Unorthodox Church Lick: Na Kone Voronom (On a Raven-Black Horse) Jerry Silverman 03:32