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Kiowa Peyote Meeting

Various Artists
Kiowa Peyote Meeting

In 1964, Harry Smith (who compiled the Anthology of American Folk Music) was held for a week in the Anadarko, Oklahoma, jail on suspicion of stealing guns, and there he met several Kiowa Indians who introduced him to peyote rituals and songs of the Native American Church. In 1973, Smith returned to Anadarko to record. He decided to set up his equipment in singers’ homes or his hotel room, rather than at an actual ceremony, because the Kiowa often sang the songs in casual settings; he also would be able to record commentary.

Extensive liner notes by Smith accompany the recording.

Track Listing

Part 1 Everett Cozad 22:00
Part 2 Winston Catt 21:19
Part 3 George Saloe 1:15
Part 4 Blossom Cozad 24:03
Part 5 Winston Catt 21:41
Part 6 Ray Cozad 21:00