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People’s Picks: Yasmin Williams

This playlist focuses on Black music throughout the centuries, from the heart of Africa to throughout the diaspora, and includes various genres and emotions, from black pain to black joy. The playlist starts with more traditional west African music played by world renowned djelis such as Ballake Sissoko and Toumani Diabate, then shifts to the music that slaves brought over from Africa to the states (delta blues, gospel music, folk and banjo music, etc). The playlist then shifts to acknowledge the evolution of black music from the older west African griot traditions to the more modern musical styles of jazz, go-go, Taureg rock, RnB and hip hop. Every song in the playlist and its placement are relevant to the overall evolution of black music and how black people globally have contributed to a rich musical history that ultimately shows black people's resiliency through extremely difficult situations, from colonialism and slavery, to the civil rights movement, to continued political turmoil in various African countries, and other obstacles.