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Café Continental

Ruth Welcome, Dick Marta, Wiener Konzerschram
Café Continental

Café Continental presents three types of instrumental music from Central Europe. Ruth Welcome, from Germany and Switzerland, plays solos on the zither and performs a mix of folk and contemporary European music, as well as two old British ballads. She is followed by Dick Marta, originally from Hungary, who performs traditional Hungarian music and a Romanian selection on the cimbalom, a European variant of the hammer dulcimer. Welcome's and Marta's selections were recorded in New York cafés.

The second half of the recording features the Wiener (Viennese) Konzerschrammeln performing a type of Viennese music known as schrammelmusik. The Wiener Konzerschrammeln, formed in 1946, consists of four musicians—two violinists, a guitarist (on contra-guitar), and a harmonica player. They were recorded in a café in Vienna.

Brief liner notes provide information on the performers, their music, and their instruments.

Track Listing

Happy Dancing Rose (Viennese Waltz); Greensleeves Ruth Welcome 03:52  
Two Little Stars; Deep Down in the Valley (folk, arr. Brahms) Ruth Welcome 03:05  
Barbara Allen; River Seine Ruth Welcome 02:55  
September Song Ruth Welcome 02:47  
Brahms: Hungarian Dance #8 Dick Marta 01:58  
Roumanian Rhapsody Dick Marta 04:31  
Traditional Csardas Group Dick Marta 05:27  
Gruss aus Wien Medley Anita Ast and the Wiener Konzerschrammeln 04:16  
Wienberln und Zibeben Anita Ast and the Wiener Konzerschrammeln 05:06  
Im Wiener Dialekt Anita Ast and the Wiener Konzerschrammeln 03:46  
Schusterbuben Gallopp Anita Ast and the Wiener Konzerschrammeln 06:44  
Fischertoni Marsch Anita Ast and the Wiener Konzerschrammeln 02:57