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Two Short Stories of the Depression

Two Short Stories of the Depression

Author Bernard Barshay, a beneficiary of New Deal programs for artists during the Great Depression, reads from two stories he wrote on the era. The first, “The Sabbath,” is about the rifts in a young Jewish boy’s family when the mother decides to work on the Sabbath in order to provide for the family. The second, “The Scavenger,” follows Aloysius J. Crumble, who is employed writing obituaries for the paper—when nobody dies for 24 hours, he has no way to fill his column. Liner notes provide text for the stories.

Track Listing

Radio Announcer Bernard Barshay 1:03
The Sabbath Bernard Barshay 24:42
The Scavenger Bernard Barshay 12:30
Radio Announcer Bernard Barshay 0:08