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Karim Khan Langa

Karim Khan, who belongs to the village of Bandhewa in Jaisalmer District, is considered the most iconic musician of the Surnaiya Langas. He had various teachers, but learnt from his father and uncles. He belongs to the Mangaliya subcaste of the Surnaiya Langas and said that his family were originally Sindhi Sipahi until the time his father became a musician, a Langa, for reasons of poverty. Karim Khan has a very wide repertoire and is known for his ability to mix melodies and ragas, retaining the integrity of the piece he performs.

Track Listing

Rāg Āsā Karim Khan 11:40
Sindhi Rāṇā Karim Khan 7:33
Shyām Kalyān Karim Khan 13:20
Sameri Karim Khan 10:21
Jhulta Madaliya Karim Khan 4:01