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Year Artist Title
1970 Various Artists Cancion Protesta: Protest Songs of Latin America LP P-1001
1970 Various Artists Angola: A Vitoria É Certa! Victory Is Certain! LP P-1002
1970 Barbara Dane FTA! Songs of the GI Resistance LP P-1003
1970 Huey P. Newton Huey Newton Speaks LP P-1004
1971 Pepe y Flora Tengo Puerto Rico en Mi Corazón LP P-1005
1971 Men of No Property This is Free Belfast! Irish Rebel Songs of the Six Counties LP P-1006
1971 Various Artists The East is Red 3xLP P-1007
1971 Various Artists Vietnam: Songs of Liberation LP P-1008
1971 Various Artists Vietnam Will Win! LP P-1009
1971 Grupo De Experimentación Sonora Del ICAIC Cuba Va! Songs of the New Generation of Revolutionary Cuba LP P-1010
1971 Don Albizu Campos Habla Albizu Campos: Albizu Campos Speaks LP P-2501
1972 Covered Wagon Musicians We Say No to Your War! LP P-1015
1973 Daniel Viglietti Uruguay: Tear Down The Fences! ¡A Desalambrar! LP P-1011
1973 Judith Reyes Mexico: Days of Struggle LP P-1012
1973 Fidel Castro The Historic Second Declaration of Havana LP P-1013
1973 Barbara Dane I Hate the Capitalist System LP P-1014
1973 Suni Paz Brotando del Silencio: Breaking Out of the Silence LP P-1016
1973 Che Guevara Che Guevara Speaks: Habla el Che Guevara LP P-1017
1973 Chris Kando Iijima, Joanne Nobuko Miyamoto, "Charlie" Chin A Grain of Sand: Music for the Struggle by Asians in America LP P-1020
1974 Quilapayún and Hector Duvachelle Chile: The Seige of Santa Maria de Iquique: A People's Cantata of the Chilean Nitrate Miners LP P-1019
1974 Mikis Theodorakis New Songs 2xLP P-1021
1974 Various Artists Palestine Lives! Songs from the Struggle of the People of Palestine LP P-1022
1974 Red Star Singers The Force of Life LP P-1023
1974 The Human Condition with Beverly Grant Working People Gonna Rise! LP P-1024
1974 Expresión Joven Dominican Republic: La Hora Esta Llegando! The Time is Coming! LP P-1025
1975 Carlos Puebla Cuba: Songs for Our America LP P-1018
1975 Bernardo Palombo y Cantoclaro Argentina: Por El Fusil Y La Flor: The Flower and the Gun LP P-1027
1975 Bernice Johnson Reagon Give Your Hands to Struggle: The Evolution of a Freedom Fighter LP P-1028
1975 Various Artists Chile: Songs for the Resistance LP P-1030
1975 Atis Indepandan Haiti: Ki Sa Pou-N Fe? What is to Be Done? LP P-1031
1975 Estrella Artau Puerto Rico: ¡Algo se quema allá afuera! LP P-1032
1975 Various Artists What Now People? Vol. 1 LP P-2001
1976 Various Artists Italy: Avanti Popolo! Forward People! LP P-1026
1976 Various Artists Philippines: Bangon! Arise! LP P-1029
1976 Ho Chi Minh The Legacy of Ho Chi Minh: Nothing Is More Precious Than Independence and Freedom LP P-1033
1976 Grupo Jatari Ecuador: The Cry of Freedom! El Grito de Libertad! LP P-1034
1977 New Harmony Sisterhood Band ...And Ain't I a Woman? LP P-1038
1977 Men of No Property Ireland: The Final Struggle LP P-1039
1977 Various Artists What Now People? Vol. 2 LP P-2002
1978 Various Artists Viva Puerto Rico Libre! LP P-1035
1978 Andrés Jiménez Puerto Rico: Como el Filo del Machete: Like the Edge of the Machete LP P-1040
1978 Various Artists Angola: Forward, People's Power LP P-1041
1978 Caravan Thailand: Songs for Life LP P-1042
1978 Various Artists What Now People? Vol. 3 LP P-2003
1981 Leon Rosselson and Roy Bailey That's Not The Way It's Got To Be! LP P-1036
1982 Silvio Rodríguez Rabo de Nube: Tail of a Tornado: Songs of the New Cuba LP P-1045
1982 Barbara Dane When We Make it Through LP P-1046
1983 Marcel Khalifé Promises of the Storm LP P-1047
1983 Luis Godoy and Grupo Mancotal Un Son Para MI Pueblo: Songs from the New Nicaragua LP P-1048
1985 Cutumay Camones Por Eso Luchamos: Songs of the Salvadoran Struggle LP P-1050